Viaje a la Sostenibilidad es una entidad activa en el programa de juventud de la Unión Europea antes llamado Juventud en Acción y ahora llamado Erasmus Plus.

En la actualidad funcionamos como organización de acogida y envío para intercambios juveniles y formaciones y en el futuro próximos también para el Servicio de Voluntariado Europeo (EVS-SVE). Las condiciones típicas para este tipo de intercambios son:  los costes de viaje cubiertos así como el 100% de la estancia.

Para participar en estos proyectos requerimos hacerse socio de nuestra asociación.

Hasta la fecha hemos llevado a cabo varios proyectos con éxito como organización coordinadora.

En esta sección, vamos publicando ofertas para participar en programas de intercambio y cursos de formación organizados por distintas asociaciones dentro del ámbito del programa Erasmus+.

Para participar en los proyectos pedimos que te hagas socio de nuestra asociación.

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 Intercambio Juvenil “I SEA YOU”

Vicenza, Italia, 6-14 Mayo 2017

Age: 18-30

Over 2015-2016, Europe has experienced the biggest crisis of migrants and refugees after the Second World War. Italy, Greece, Croatia and Spain are amongst the countries that were more impacted by the flows. Those countries have to manage a crisis, which is, first and foremost, humanitarian but also social.

Participants are 26 young Croatians, Spanish, Greeks and Italians aged between 18 and 30.

The project will make use of the language of the theatre and, in particular, of the Theatre of the Oppressed. This methodology involves, through acting, the reworking of a trauma and the realization of an integration path. During the act, it is experienced a kind of empathy with people in difficulty, by putting oneself in the shoes of others, in a continuous dialogue between actor and spectator. During the exchange, participants will be involved in activities, such as workshops and discussions with migrants. So, following the sharing of stories and experiences, participants will build together a play that tells actually what the young migrants live every day and what drives them to move away from home.

The participation does not required any special theatrical competence. More importantly, the candidate has to prove a strong motivation.

The main result, namely the play based on the methodology of the Theatre of the Oppressed, will become the key vehicle for spreading a greater knowledge and awareness on the topic of migration. The play will also boost young people’ active citizenship and foster them to be protagonists of their own lives and choices, in the social, cultural and political sphere.

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Intercambio Juvenil “Europe without Borders”

Agros, Chipre, 9-18 junio 2017

Age: 16-30

Our project will gather 55 young participants, between 18 and 25 years old, from 9 European countries to form a strong group and work all together as a team in order to raise awareness regarding the inclusion of immigrants. As we all know, immigrants have always had a tougher time when trying to adapt to a new social and cultural context. Except the cultural and language differences, this happens especially because they are not allowed to by the existent members of a particular group.

Discrimination, prejudice and stereotypes are the main causes of social exclusion. As a consequence, the marginalized individuals do not adapt to the new environment and start acting in a negative way, confirming the general beliefs that “immigrants aren’t their equals”. Even more, this kind of behavior is affecting the job market as well. Immigrants have problems when trying to find a job. Because of prejudice, the employers avoid hiring immigrants or, when they to, they don’t respect their rights and take advantage. With this project, we want to take a stand and try to make a small step that will make a difference in the minds of the participants. We aim to change their way of seeing things and make them our partners for this cause.

During the project, the participants will be involved actively in different activities and will also create materials which will help us disseminate and promote the values and the raising of awareness when it comes to persons that will make contact with immigrants. The main purpose of the project will be the active participation in the integration of everyone. We will try to find reasons which promote conflicts, to find difficulties and communication barriers by stimulating conversation about intercultural differences, discussions about situations and sharing of views.

In the project will involved leaders and active young people coming from 9 different partner organizations. The non-formal education and experiential learning methodology will be the base of our activity. Also during the project we will organize intercultural nights where all the partner groups will present their country, their culture, traditional foods, drinks, music and dances. The working methods and non formal education techniques that will be used for the success of the goals include workshops, PowerPoint presentations, movie and documentary projections, knowledge tests, research from the actual participants, opinion exchange, a range of games which will provide better understanding of the subject, role games, debates and reverse lecture practices.

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Intercambio Juvenil “Graffiti Youth”

Daugavpils, Letonia, 21- 31 julio 2017

Age: 18 – 25

The main theme of present project is street art or so-called graffiti. We would like to create one more graffiti gallery near Youth House in Daugavpils as well as decorate two walls in Youth House itself (conference hall and chill out zone) with the help of graffiti.

The aim of project “Graffiti youth” is with the help of graffiti and youth leisure time to promote personal effectiveness of young people in labor market and realization of tolerance and multiculturalism among youth.

During the project activities participants will have the opportunity to acquire the basic techniques of street art in theory and practice and create their own works, present street culture of their countries, to work with each other and communicate in an informal atmosphere, express their creativeness and actively spend time.

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