Proyectos de Erasmus Plus: Intercambios, formaciones, voluntariado europeo


 Viaje a la Sostenibilidad es una entidad activa en el programa de juventud de la Unión Europea Erasmus Plus.

En la actualidad funcionamos como organización de acogida y envío para intercambios juveniles y formaciones y en el futuro próximos también para el Servicio de Voluntariado Europeo (EVS-SVE). Las condiciones típicas para este tipo de intercambios son:  los costes de viaje cubiertos así como el 100% de la estancia.

Para participar en estos proyectos requerimos hacerse socio de nuestra asociación.

Hasta la fecha hemos llevado a cabo varios proyectos con éxito como organización coordinadora.

En esta sección, vamos publicando ofertas para participar en programas de intercambio y cursos de formación organizados por distintas asociaciones dentro del ámbito del programa Erasmus+.


Para participar en los proyectos pedimos que te hagas socio de nuestra asociación si no lo eres ya.


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Globalization vs Cultural Diversity

             Atenas, Grecia    14-23 Marzo 2018

The project “Globalization vs. Cultural Diversity” is a transnational initiative for young people that will focus on the complex issue of the globalization and its consequences vis a vis the benefits of cultural diversity for human cooperation regardless of race, religion, customs, etc. The participants will come from eight different countries (Greece, Italy, Austria, Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Turkey and Spain). Forty nine (49) young people aged 18-30, plus their group leader will participate in the project, organized and coordinated by E.K.O in Athens Greece. During this week, the participants will engage in a social dialogue regarding the impact of globalization on the participants’ countries’ national culture. The project will bring together young people with ties to their local communities and with a proven high sense of social responsibility, so as to maximize its effects while the participants return to their countries. Thus, the opportunity to discuss, confronting different aspects of the project’s theme, and to exchange personal experiences will be provided, while different techniques will be used to enrich the exchange of information and to enhance the intercultural dialogue.

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Transition by Travelling

27th of February to the 5th of March 2018 in “Le Domaine de Matens” in Gaillac, near Toulouse, France


The “Transitioning by Travelling” seminar aims at strengthening the participants’ ability to design and implement learning mobility projects to attend to the needs of a wide range of target groups, among which more vulnerable groups.

We believe that the current issues we are facing as a society require us to adapt to new situations and that learning mobility projects have a great potential regarding the empowerment of both individuals and social organizations.

For individuals, it represents an opportunity to look at things with new eyes, to open up to new realities, and to gain confidence in one’s capabilities. For civil society organizations, it is an opportunity to share knowledge and sets of good practices in order to design projects capable of addressing the current economic, social and ecological issues at stake.

In order to turn this potential into concrete results, we believe key actors responsible for such projects need to broaden their skillset and structure their fields.

The Transitioning by Travelling seminar thus offers to gather 31 youth workers and educators from 9 EU countries (France, Greece, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Slovakia and Croatia) so they can meet and share their experience and good practices regarding the design and management of learning mobility projects.

They will aim at stepping up their teaching/learning toolset, design non-formal education programs, and improve the support they can provide to their target groups, in order to let them reach personal autonomy and foster social transformation.

By enhancing the participants’ skillset, we aim at improving and broadening the spectrum of opportunities for non-formal education in their home countries, then more widely in Europe through the gradual propagation of their learnings.

The seminar will also be an opportunity to strengthen the bonds between the partners involved and their respective networks. We hope this will lead to the development of new projects addressing non-formal education, youth, social inclusion and sustainability.

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