Short term EVS : 2 months April-May 2019

“Are you ready to become part of a generation that works toward REGENERATION of people and planet?

 Do you want to spend two months abroad, living in a Centre for Environmental Education in the Mediterranean woods of Sicily, integrating with the local community? 

 Do you want to learn how to cultivate a garden, how to cook jams, how to get oriented in a wood and much more? “

They will learn about regenerative agriculture and the botanic of the Mediterranean; you will learn the recipes of the Sicilian diet and how to make bread. You will be trained on sustainable tourism and environmental education-both in rural and urban areas. You will be involved, as a base, in all the management activities of the structure and will have the possibility to support experts in the sector and to deepen the aspects that are of most interest for you.

What to imagine ?

Serra Guarneri is a professionally magical place, with its rythm and its inhabitants. The fist local community are the same inhabitants of the hamlet, the fixed staff and the groups that give life to the structure. The CEA is well integrated with the local communities of the area, supporting and promoting -in its daily life- a culture of sustainability and territorial awareness.  The main daily tasks, which will see the greatest involvement of the volunteers are:
• The ordinary maintenance of the place and the care of common areas
• the management of a receptive structure , the kitchen
• farm care (including chikens) – two synergic gardens, fruit trees, hen-house, compost.
• green areas
• more and diverse

6 hours per day, 5 days a week. During the stay at the CEA, volunteers will be given the opportunity to enjoy lifts to and from Cefalù on free days.

How much ?

Erasmus+ is covering 100% of the project.

Open for +18 years old 

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