Youth exchange “Objectives: business”, France

Angoulême, France

22/04/ 2019- 30/04/2019

In an ever-changing environment, having entrepreneurial skills is an essential part of the ability to meet the challenges of everyday life.

What are the objectives?

– explore and clarify the concept of entrepreneurship at large and raise awareness of the importance of developing the respective skills of young people;

-identify the challenges and resources needed to implement entrepreneurial initiatives;
– explore how non-formal education and youth work can foster youth entrepreneurship, especially through volunteering and active participation in civil society;
– provide a space for the exchange of knowledge, experiences, good practices and ideas in the field of entrepreneurial learning, share and develop tools / methods to stimulate and supervise youth entrepreneurship;
– identify and make the best use of entrepreneurial learning opportunities in the framework of the Erasmus Plus program and create an environment conducive to future cooperation between participants.

With Who?

The French Artistic and Cultural Association MARAGUIRI’s will coordinate the project. It main mission is to preserve, develop and promote traditional musical instruments, rhythms and music.

How much ?

Erasmus+ is covering 100% of the project.

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