Training course in Vienna :Volunteers as Peace Agents

Training course in Vienna : 25-29 may 2019


Background of the project

Grenzenlos is running international projects and exchanges since nearly 70 years. In the last years we dedicated our trainings to the topics of civil courage and human rights. This training course is built up on the content developed in the first seminar and focusing on how voluntary organizations can support their volunteers to become peace messengers and agents for peace. Within the training course we would like to extend the exchange and understanding of peace-work and include voluntary organizations from partner and MEDA countries. The training is part of a bigger strategy on promoting peace and the contribution of volunteering to it.

Aims and Objectives

To promote peace and fight against hate speeches

To promote peace work within international volunteering projects

To get inspired on how we can keep a peaceful society:

  • What can voluntary organisations and youth workers do?           
  • How can volunteers become or remain peace messengers?              
  • How can voluntary organizations reduce stereotypes of their volunteers instead of increasing them?

To get to know to different approaches in preparing, mentoring and evaluating voluntary projects in order to support your volunteers to act as peace agents

To have fruitful debates and learn about peace work among young people from all over Europe and Mediterranean countries

Who can participate?

We are looking for participants who are active in your youth organization (volunteers, staff, mentors …)
Be 18+ (no upper age limit!)
Involved in the work of your organisation (as a volunteer and/or worker)
Able to attend the whole duration of the course
Able to work in English Interested in peace work as such
Ready to pass the knowledge on and to implement campaigns after the training

The Training is open for EVERYONE also for participants with disabilities

How much ?

Membership from Viaje a la sostenibilidad : 45€ and Participation fee for hosting organization: 50€

Erasmus+ is covering others costs of the project such as accomodation, food, travel cost.

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