About Deep Ecology

The «Deep Ecology» is a term coined in 1973 by the Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess, which assumes a philosophical approach and a social movement that recognizes the right to life of all beings, not only that of humans. Joana Macy later developed it to offer a methodology to “experience “ deep ecology called “The work that Reconnects”.

Deep Ecology addresses both the causes of the destruction of our planet Earth and the management of emotions arising from it.

The practices of connection with Nature are based on the knowledge of ancestral peoples that have maintained the link with the Earth in a balanced and sustainable way. For indigenous peoples, the Earth does not belong to the people, it is the people who belong to the Earth.

Mother Earth, Pachamama, is a living organism. If we re-learn to use our senses, we will remember how to walk through this world connected to the web of life, becoming guardians and not unconscious destroyers.