A Natural object to represent you

Designed by Sara Marzo

Time: 40’

Materials: Sheets of paper, crayons, colours, tapes, scissors, etc


This activity is a simple way for participants to encounter one another in a natural environment and to start exploring their connections within the group and the setting.


– Describe yourself in a creative way
– Find a connection between you and nature
– Share a story

Step-by-step instructions


  1. The group meets in a circle. The facilitator asks the participants to go individually to explore natural objects and select an object from nature that calls their attention for some reason.
  2. Once everyone has found their object, the team meets in the circle and the facilitator invites the participants to introduce themselves, say their name and present the chosen natural object and the reason why they chose it.
  3. They are also encouraged to share something personal and connect it with nature. For example, one person may take a shell, share their passion for the sea and narrate a story from their childhood or talk about the sound of the waves.



This activity can be a getting-to-know-each-other and also a team-building activity. The participants can also work in small groups or in couples, sharing their stories in more detail. Modifying it, it can also be used as evaluation to express how participants feel through mirroring with nature.