«DISCOVER GERMANY» campo de trabajo, 8 semanas Abril y Mayo

You are 18­-26 years old; always wanted to travel abroad, 

meet nice people and do something useful for a good cause?

What exactly will you do?

• You spend eight weeks in Germany – with experience in four different work camps.
• You live and work in international teams with 8­-12 young volunteers from all over world – mostly Europe. You help clubs and organisations that have something they need to build or renovate. It could be a nature playground. Or a centre for ecological education. An asylum centre for women in need. Or a farm where poor children can go on holiday.
• You work together with other volunteers eight hours a day, five days a week. Maybe you’ll build a wooden cabin. Or paint one. Mix concrete. Or
build a wall.

Your weekends are free.

What do You get from us?
• Total €200 pocket money (€50 in the first camp and €150 in the last)
• You have to pay for the journey from your home to the first work camp and your return journey
from the last work camp back home.

When can you come?
• From 17 February to 13 April 2019 (8 weeks),
• From 17 March to 11 May 2019 (8 weeks),
• From 31 March to 11 May 2019 (6 weeks).

Any more questions? How to apply?
Send an email in english to Tereza Egle (egle@bauorden.eu).




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