Empowering Employability and Rural Entrepreneurship

Empowering Employability and Rural Entrepreneurship

Our Greek adventure started on 6th December in Kozani. There we passed seven wonderful days with people from Portugal, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece.

There we increased our knowledge about employability and rural entrepreneurship with dynamics, meetings and the visiting two local business. The participants we had an important role because each day a different country did a workshop in relation with the different topics like communication, body language, interview skills, active listening… we visit the local school of Kozani and we realized a workshop about the different opportunities and programs that European Union offers to the youngsters.


 2018:Nikola Kovaļevska‎

Kozani trip adventure

The first day everyone had the chance to discover each other and our new destination with a funny way.

In groups (with one participate from different country) we needed to pass different task such as take a picture with emblematic monuments or do interviews about Erasmus+ with local people.

It was a funny activity to know better about Kozani, some local products and words, a bit of history about the  town and above all discover our new pals.

Kozani, 07/12/2018


Every morning each of countries must prepare some energizers. This is activity that can be run to warm up the team and promote group interaction. It is a good meeting starter for any team meeting. An energizer is a short activity designed to quickly increase the energy level of your audience when people are starting to look tired. Explaining the rationale behind your energizers is therefore important. As is selecting an appropriate energizer for your audience. We usually explain that we are just going to do on activity for a couple of minutes to give our brains a break, simply a chance to do something else for a minute so our brains can refresh themselves. You can try energizers -before or after test -before long lessons block -while waiting for a special an all-school meeting or dismissal. Everyone is happy and smiling. Let’s do energizers!

Sharing cultures

Sharing cultures All of us were born in different countries and, consequently, in different cultures, but we have something that connects us and here we had the opportunity to share with others the characteristics that differentiates us during the intercultural nights. These nights were happy moments full of food, drinks, dance, quiz and music.

 Local Rural Entrepreneurs

We visited 2 different rural business of the region. After more than half hour of bus we were in the middle of a little valley in our way to a rural entrepreneur business, Life Secret’s company works with organic products cultivated in the same valley. And they are exporting to different European countries flower essences, perfumes and concentrated oils.

Going down from the valley, and we go to Siatista a small village in the same region than Kozani. There, we visited the local winery Dio fili (δύο φίλοι = ‘two friends’), they explain about the company products and we had the opportunity of make a tasting of the different wines


Back to school!

One of the most interesting activities was go to the school to let know at senior students about the Erasmus+ and youth mobility, and the different opportunities and programs that the European Union offers to the youth entrepreneurs. In group we create a visual presentation and explained how they can apply. Some of them participated and we did the chance to share their experiences with the rest of the students and with us.  Preparing this workshop we also learned more about the Erasmus+ projects and other opportunities that European Union offers.

Ultimately it was an enriching and we had a great time with our new friends.

Christian, María y 2 Pablos.  Kozani, Greece; 6-13/12/2018,

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