International mobility and volunteer opportunities with European Union programs.

Would you like to live a unique experience abroad?

International mobility and volunteering opportunities are within your reach thanks to programs such as Erasmus+ y el and the European Solidarity Corps!

Erasmus +


Youth Exchanges and Youth Worker Training.

Youth exchanges and training courses offer 7-10 day meetings in various European countries. Participating in these projects not only gives you the opportunity to explore new cultures, but also gives you recognition through the certificate. Youthpass.


European financing covers essential expenses such as activities, accommodation, food and transportation from your usual place of residence.

How can you participate? You just need to find a project you are passionate about and complete a simple form to apply for your place. Discover a world of opportunities by exploring our projects on social networks like Instagram and Facebook.

Opportunities for personal and professional growth await you!

European Solidarity Corps

CES is an exciting European Union initiative which invites you to volunteer on projects both in your home country and abroad, contributing to the benefit of communities and citizens across Europe. This program is open toyoung people from 17 years of age, but projects do not start until they are 18, with possible participation. up to 31 years of age.

The application process is simple, and after selection, you could join projects related to the prevention of natural disasters, assistance in reception centers for asylum seekers and other social issues. The duration of the projects varies from two months to one year., generally within the member states of the European Union.

Vals, as a sending organization, is here to help you find the volunteer project that best suits your interests and skills.

Find your ideal project visiting the European Youth Portal youth.europa.eu/

Here a detailed map will provide you with information on all active entities and projects.

Once selected, create your profile and apply. If you would like Journey to Sustainability to be your sending and supporting entity, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In our RRSS you will also find many projects where we are partners and you will be able to send your application. We are here to guide you and accompany you in all phases of this journey abroad.

Ready for a life-changing experience?