ESC : Creativity 4 Sociability, Romania

Creativity 4 Sociability is the 3rd project of hosting 4 European volunteers in Constanta, Romania, by Association for Promoting Creative&Eco Education and Innovative Abilities CREATIVE+



Place: Constanta, Romania – a big city near the Black Sea Coast


  1. Increase awareness of the bullying phenomenon in the real and space, among 4 European volunteers and young people from at least 3 institutions in Constanta (high school, day care center, center for blind people).
  2. Developing assertiveness and encouraging social activism for 4 EVS volunteers and at least 250 Constanta youngsters.
  3. Increase the level of information of young people from at least 3 high schools in Constanta and ­­­for the partner organizations regarding the volunteering activities and the opportunities of the Erasmus + KA1 program.

Activities, 6 hours daily:

Creative workshops (upcycling art and hand craft activities) with 7-14 year-olds from the Day Care Centre.
Theatre workshops fighting discrimination.
Assertive training by means of non formal methods and games, for high school students.
Various non-formal activities to promote volunteering in the community, including promotion during festivals.

Work in hosting NGO in all administrative issues: writing projects, PR, organize community actions etc.



– age between 18-30;

– Motivated for creative activities (hand craft, theater, games) and having a playful attitude;

– Willing to facilitate activities for children and teenagers;

– Having a volunteering attitude, being open minded, willing to learn how to be assertive and accept challenges to meet a new culture in a new community;

– Taking care about environment, respect the limited resources of the planet;

– Willing to learn and work in an NGO in all administrative issues.

– Knowing English.


Volunteers will receive:

  • Travel reimbursement from his/her home place till Constanta, Romania and back;
  • Pocket money;
  • 2 days/month holiday;
  • Mentoring support;
  • Complete meal & accommodation, city transportation, phone & internet allowance.

The project is funded by Erasmus+ Volunteering Activities program.


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