EVS en una Casa de la juventud, en Francia (MJC Elbeuf)


Period of project
Start as soon as possible 10 Months-end 15 September

«Elbeuf is a little town near Rouen in Normandie, between Paris and Normandy ‘beach. The MJC (Youth and Cultural Center) work in area where lives around 50 000 habitants.The MJC is a nonprofit organization and we promote a non formal education. We have several educational activities for migrants (lessons in French, promoting
cultural, social and professional inclusion). We work with the schools to help students in their formal educational work and connect teachers and families, we organize cultural actions for families. We also work with young people, we organize many actions of support to their projects and the valorization of their initiatives and we support the engagement of the young people in the local action. We provide support services to local associations and their leaders. We also have a multimedia department with Web TV and video training and we promote many actions and initiatives. We also organize numerous workshops, hobbies and activities in the cultural, artistic, scientific and
technical fields.


-Solidarity : assist the team (employees and volunteers) in the French Learning
workshops with migrant people and carry out cultural projects for migrant people (good
level in French required).

-Science : assist the team (employees and volunteers) in scientist workshops : chemical,
biological, robotic, multimedia and 3D Printing… (no technical skills required).

-Youth and education : assist the team (employees and volunteers) in school helping for
students between 6 and 17 years old and participate into workshops for families
(cooking, body expression, reading and writing, etc.).

-Environment : assist the team (employees and volunteers) in the » Educational garden »
and create several actions linked to the nature (no technical skills required).
-Propose workshops for children during school vacations.

-Promote the European Mobility for young people (in schools, set up events…).

-Participate to several MJC’s events (International Solidarity, Sustainable Development,
Scientific Week, Citizenship Week, etc.).


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