EVS with us

Our current volunteers, Francesca from Italy and Nikos from Greece

About Viaje a la Sostenibilidad

Viaje a la Sostenibilidad is an association founded in 2012 and which is in full growth, both in number of partners and activities.

The title of the project «Grow with us!» links the personal growth of volunteers with the growth of the organization Viaje a la Sostenibilidad through activities that enrich both parties, although always prioritizing volunteers over the interests of the association.

Viaje a la Sostenibilidad will benefit from the support that the volunteers will offer in the activities of the organization. They are expected to develop new ones of their own initiative and consolidate their local activities.

About the EVS project

Dates: early 2019 (to be confirmed)

Volunteers are expected to integrate into the life of the neighborhood, helping to support a healthy and dynamic associative and youth network through the activities planned in the project.

This project foresees the incorporation of two volunteers to the activity of the organization with different profiles that allow a better fit with the needs of the planned activities, as will be explained later.

– Improve the level of key competences of volunteers

– Offer intercultural and environmental learning opportunities for volunteers

– Improve intercultural dialogue in the local community; especially with young people who have fewer opportunities

– Promote the European Voluntary Service and the Erasmus + Program in the «el Gancho» neighborhood

– Empower volunteers by strengthening their entrepreneurial capacity – Strengthen the links between partner organizations


Volunteers are expected to work 35 hours a week on average, with daily and calendar flexibility to be agreed between them and the organisation. 2.5 days of vacations per month will be granted.

Volunteers are expected to work in different places during their EVS project as described in the following activities (these are for 2018, similar and new ones will be announced for 2019)

Assistance with Viaje a la Sostenibilidad activities: We are organising a Youth Exchange “Make it happen!” end of August about sustainable life and rural life in Cretas, a village 1.5h from Zaragoza in co-operation with the Kurkum Farm (http://kurkumfarmecovida.blogspot.com.es).

We are also carrying out a local activities on Mindfulness and Nature, for which we will ask volunteers for help.

Moreover, we also plan to offer the volunteers to write their own Youth Exchange project for the 26th deadline and carry it out in late summer.

Social networks and graphic design: We plan to ask the volunteers to help with the maintenance of our twitter, facebook page and website as well as to create flyers, posters, take photos and video of events as part of their activities. Additionally, we will suggest the volunteers to keep a blog to write about their experience with us in our website.

Networking: We plan to offer the volunteers to help us networking with local organizations, visiting their offices and gathering information about their activities.

Other: assistance with daily duties like tidying up the office, organising materials, painting, cleaning, etc. will be requested.

Volunteer’s own project(s): The self-managed community cultural centre CSC Luis Buñuel (http://centroluisbunuel.org) is open to host activities that are free and addressed to the neighbours. We expect the volunteers to develop their own ideas and local projects and carry them out there along with topics in line with the vision of our organisation: environment, feminism, social justice, etc. . For example, movie night once a week, teach to ride and fix bikes to local children and teens, photography workshop,  etc.

Drugs Harm Reduction: Viaje a la Sostenibilidad is sharing the office with Consumo Conciencia (ConsumoConciencia.org), a small non profit organization, which offers training and information as accurate and scientific as possible about the pleasures and the risks associated with the use of psychoactive substances, in particular so-called habitually «drugs» because of their situation of illegality. We expect to be some opportunities for the volunteers to learn about this topic and assist in its educational activities in concerts and festivals during spring and summer.

Boodaville: Boodaville (https://boodaville.wordpress.com/) is an environmental education/permaculture project in the Matarranya region, 1.5h away from Zaragoza. We plan to offer the volunteers to assist with some projects like  Design Your Life training 28 April – 6th May, the Boodaville Festival 25 – 27 May 2018 and 9 – 23 June 2018 Living Permaculture Course. Expect to sleep in a tent.

Artosilla: We have strong links with this reconstructed ecovillage. We plan to offer the volunteers the chance to assist in the organisation of a workcamp in summer and carrying out some works in the village. Website: http://www.selba.org

Desired Volunteers’ Profile

Ideally the participant should (it’s not essential to fulfil all requirements):


  • Dynamic, proactive (comfortable working with autonomy without constant supervision)

Skills and Interests:

– Have interest and / or experience in the management of social network accounts, website

– Have some knowledge of photography, design or layout

– Have some experience organizing and developing their own initiatives / projects

– Be familiar with the cycles of a project

– Have sensitivity to nature and issues related to sustainability

– Have social sensitivity to understand the importance of the inclusion of youth in the most vulnerable areas

– Have some previous knowledge of Spanish language

Selection Process

The potential volunteer and the partner from the beginning of the preparation phase will be involved. An open and transparent selection process will be guaranteed in the following two phases:

  1. The first phase will be carried out by the sending organizations that will present potential volunteers who have already sent their CV and cover letter during the application phase and who are still motivated to participate in the project;
  2. The second phase will be carried out by the host organization that will receive the CV in English and the letter of presentation of the candidates and will organize a conference via Skype in order to examine its suitability according to the described profile. After these steps, Viaje a la Sostenibilidad will make the final selection and will make an official communication with the shipping organization.

if interested write to contacto@viajealasostenibilidad.org