Presentation of Viaje a Sostenibilidad

Viaje a la  Sostenibilidad (Journey to Sustainability) is based in Zaragoza, Spain. We are an organisation committed to paving the way towards a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable society through educational activities with young people. Our philosophy is in good harmony with sustainable tourism, bioconstruction, permaculture, rural entrepreneurship and social economy.

Our activities include talks, camps, training courses, excursions, weekend workshops, international projects.

We work with European Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps, facilitating international mobility for young people and adults throughout Europe through exchanges, training and European volunteering. (Consult our Partner Identification Form).

In addition, we offer online training through our platform. This organization is a member of the Responsible Tourism Forum.

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And watch videos of our past projects in our YouTube Channel. Here is a sample: