Exploring sinergies between Mindfulness and Nature

Here we have gathered some impressions hoping that they will reflect the impact this project and its activities have had on our organisations and on the participants who had the chance to experience them.


“This project has allowed us to dive deep into very interesting topics which we normally don’t have the chance to address. By developing the local workshops, where the activities were tested, we have learnt a great deal and have seen with our own eyes the real impact of the activities on the participants. Moreover, managing a truly international project with our partners has proved a challenging but enriching experience. I believe that this project has changed our organisation and myself for the better.” Carlos Buj, Viaje a la Sostenibilidad


Mind your Mind has been a green door to my city and myself. Since the beginning of this project, I felt my roots growing in every step that I took and my net becoming stronger. My senses got sharper and my awareness developed. I got the opportunity to see my everyday life through nature reminding myself that I am a part of nature not something that I need to connect to. It provided me with tools that I use for myself and our youth projects. Every phase, the kick-off event, the training course, the skype meetings, the evaluation meeting and the final event allowed us to work in a true synergy mode where every idea was valid and every aspect was considered. It gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and collaborate with wonderful individuals in Athens and in Europe who I hope will stay active within our youth world. I feel deeply grateful for being part of this wonderful project” Eleni Kardamitsi, Hellenic Youth Participation


“When you meet the right people in the right moment and in the right place, you feel that everything is perfect. This was what I felt when I talked for the first time with Carlos and Eleni about the idea of “Mind your mind”. We were on the training course “Dis-connect”, in Spain when we “disconnected” from all electronic devices but connected with the stunning nature and interesting people, practising daily mindfulness. Then, you understand that things are perfect because you learn to be present in the here and now; nature itself embodies this sense of peace and presence.

Mind your Mind taught me a lot. It was a journey, in all senses, around Europe and inside myself. I travelled without taking planes to join the meetings, I was nourished by nature, people and every little teaching I could get. I shared what I learned with my local community and I grew personally and professionally.”

Sara Marzo, VulcanicaMente