The Mind Your Mind Project

Exploring sinergies between Mindfulness and Nature

This website and its content are a product of the project Mind your Mind: Synergies between mindfulness and nature-based methods, which “aims to offer innovative and inclusive high-quality non-formal education tools based on the synergistic combination of mindfulness and nature-based methods”. Mind Your Mind was born from the need to address wellbeing issues affecting European youngsters, namely the excessive use of technological devices and the lack of contact with the natural environment.

Between September 2017 and November 2018 the project was carried out by three partners from Spain (Viaje a la Sostenibilidad), Italy (Vulcanicamente) and Greece (Hellenic Youth Participation), which have implemented local activities to develop and test the activities collected in the book.

The project coordinators created the proposal in a synergistic way using collaborative tools and frequent meetings with local young people. Once the project got approved, we met in Tinos, a picturesque Greek island where every phase of the project was addressed and discussed. In October, 15 youth workers met in Sanillés, in the Spanish Pyrenees. We had the opportunity to connect, interact and create a common understanding ensuring that the local activities in each country were following the Mind your Mind framework. New activities were created, networks were enriched and future partnerships were formed.

In the following months, each organisation, together with its youth workers, carried out different local activities to develop and test the activities you will find in this book. Although the weather was not always our ally, we promoted the connection with nature regardless of the conditions and in various surroundings. Some activities were held in parks, in forests, in archaeological places, in rivers and by the sea. Working constantly in collaboration with our youngsters allowed us to adapt the activities and learn new approaches. During these months we had the chance to practise mindfulness and meditation, find the rhythm of our body and sync with our breath. Moreover, we enjoyed the opportunity to connect with people from the same city who are also looking forward to connecting with nature.

In April, we had our last meeting, in city of Lecce, Italy. For four days, we went through every aspect of the project, we considered the local workshops and reviewed the impact on the youngsters. We divided the tasks and made all the necessary preparations to gather and develop the intellectual products of the project: the videos, the website and, of course, this book. All these resources aim to promote the use of mindfulness and nature-based methods in youthwork and in your everyday life.

Finally, in Autumn 2018, we presented the project and its products in local public events in Spain, Greece and Italy. In early 2019 this website was lauched.

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