Nature in Action Training Course

22-29 September 2019 | Mas Franch, Girona, Spain

This is a training course for youth workers that offers tools to empower young people to design, plan and implement actions and projects for nature.

The training, which will take place in a natural environment, will explore a wide range of exercises and practical tools which can be used for more efficient and effective action planning (eg. Giving and receiving feedback, communication skills, etc.) as well as exploring regenerative culture, that is, ways to sustain our actions (nature connection, self reflection, motivation, etc).

As well as offering tools to enhance our connection with nature, our bodies and our minds (deep ecology, mindfulness, etc.), it will also address diverse examples of successful, active movements in the field of Ecological Activism (Permaculture, Extinction Rebellion, Ecosystem Restoration, etc.). In addition, a good part of the program is also devoted to the development of the potential use of learning outcomes within the contexts of the partners, the reflection of the process (Youthpass) and networking.

Nature in Action Infopack


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