Nuestros participantes en el proyecto «Nature ConAction» en Rumania

Erasmus + Project Memory

Nature conAction

A project of nature and Ecotourism
Targu Neamt, Romania
Spanish team

1. Objectives and general information
During the first and the second week of July 2019, in the village of Targu Neamt and in the natural Park of Dragos-Voda, an Erasmus + project was held, in which people from Spain, Portugal, Romania an Serbia, joined to talk, discuss and work around the topic of ecotourism and sustainability. The main objectives of the project were not only to discuss different ways to travel more ecologically but also to propose some solutions to the different problems that we all face this new century when our planet is more polluted every day.

2. Activities and workshops
During the week, many activities related to the topic of the project were held in Targu Neamnt. The main activities that took place were:

  • Orientation in nature
  • Photography in nature
  • Visit to a local craftsman
  • Workshops and discussions
  • Safari to see bisons
  • Exhibition of the pictures took in the bisons reserve of Dragos-Voda.
  • The most important of these activities was the exhibition of the pictures, where we showed the work we made during the week to the people of the village.

2.1. Orientation in nature
During this activity, the whole group discovered one of the activities that can be done in an eco-friendly way and help us to know and discover the forest and our environment, orientation in nature. In these activities, fi rst, one of the participants of the program from Serbia, taught us who to use a compass and a map. Then, with the knowledge that we had acquired, we designed and did a circuit through the forest to use in practice the skills learned.

2.2. Photography in nature
After a short introduction and tutorial from one of the participants of the team of Spain about how to take the perfect pictures of nature, we went to the forest to take some pictures. All these skills learned during this session were used during the safari to take pictures of the bison in the park.

2.3. Visit a local craftsman
We were visited by one local craftsman from the village who teach us who to how to sculpt the clay to make cups and faces.

2.4. Workshops and discussions
During the project, some of the participants talk about different topics related to ecology and environment, as well as the regulations and laws that regulate the environmental issue. Some of the workshops talked about the importance of forestal guards in the conservations of the natural areas. The different regulations and laws in force in the countries that participate in the project. We also discuss how to deal with the main ecological problems that face Romania these days.

2.5. Safari to see bison
This was one of the most hoped activities for the participants. We went to the bisons’ reserve and went for a walk to watch bison. During the walk, where we spend 3 or 4 hours in the national park, we visited some of the main places prepared for visitors as well as the visitor’s centre. After some time in the forest, we nally were able to see bison and even to photograph them.

2.6. Exhibition of the pictures took in the bisons reserve of Dragos-Voda.
One of the last days of the project, we did an exhibition in a park in the centre of the village of Targu Neamt, where we showed some of the work we did during the week. Although the evening of the event was really cloudy and rainy, the event was a huge success. Many people came to see the pictures at the park and also to talk about the project with us.

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