Our European Volunteer Nora from Greece «Good bye letter»

Team of Viaje a la Sostenibilidad on the peak of Moncayo (Nora is the 2nd from the left)


Hi all! Hope you haven’t forgotten me. I most certainly have not!

Since everything has changed rapidly and as we didn’t have the opportunity of a proper “closing” (No! Im not going to say “goodbye”), I feel the need of reaching out and say “Hi!”.

As you would probably know by now, I’ve stopped my CES because of an opportunity to work on my field. Crisis brings opportunity they say!
The truth is that I already miss Zaragoza. I even miss biking…

But let’s take everything from the beginning.

It was summer 2019 when I decided to participate to a European Solidarity Corps voluteering project. I already knew the country. Spain! Quite frankly, I always knew that at some point I would live in this country. I didn’t know “When”, “How” and for how long, but i’m very happy that I had the chance to do that with you guys!

They say that someone does his/her volunteering service before or after the beginning of their young adult life. And here I am, exactly where I was before I meet all of you, before I live with you, before I learn from you, but with more competencies, other skills and different plans, ready to start a new chapter of my life!

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