Precious plastic , intercambio , Portugal

18 – 29 JULY 2019, ALJUSTREL


You are between 18 and 20 years old , you are interested in sustainable project?

The “Precious Plastic” is a call for action, stimulating young people to act upon some of their fundamental environmental rights that are currently threatened. It is inspired by the Precious Plastic initiative (, which enables the creation of low cost, DIY, community-based recycling units. Recycling units that are not only capable of collecting and separating plastic waste, but also to transform recycled plastic into multiple new products with original design. A space that connects social awareness (active citizenship) to creativity (design of new products) and digital skills (digital manufacturing). A Precious Plastic workshop is above all a neighbourhood recycling factory, a space to gather a community, share a purpose, develop new ideas and contribute for a better world.
This project is innovative because it aims to address young people with less opportunities through specific actions that develop their spirit of initiative and respect for the fundamental right to a clean and sustainable environment and living space.

Training objectives
– Introduction to digital prototyping tools and software, including 3D Printing and laser cutting;
– Identifying different plastic materials, their mechanical characteristic, impact on the environment, and suitability for recycling;
– Plastic recycling procedures: collection; sorting; washing and storage;
– Use the precious plastic workshop and understand plastic waste cycle of transformation:
– Instructions on how to use the Precious Plastic online shop to sell Youth made recycled products;
– Study visit to other communities engaged with Circular Economy for sharing of best practices and share inspiring moments:
– Development of creative thinking, entrepreneurial, and leadership soft skills.:
– Find a leading voice in the local community;
– Act responsively and contribute to the creation of a more secure, creative and clean environment;

The objectives 
– Promotion of active citizenship and development of a sense of initiative in young people regarding European priorities;
– Address fundamental values like the Human right to a clean, safe and sustainable environment;
– Disseminate innovative practices and provide quality contents in the field of digital youth work;
– stimulate the use of creativity and social awareness to the development of an entrepreneurial Attitude

With Who?

You will have the opportunity to meet people from different countries :  Portugal, Greece, Hungary, France, Italy, Turkey

How much ?

Erasmus+ is covering travel costs, accomodation, food and activities during the project.

More informations:

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