Responsible Tourism blog in Spanish – Day of Multilingual Blogging

[post en inglés con ocasión del día del blog multilingüe]


This is my first post in English. It’s been a while I have been wanting to write in English but I was afraid of scaring my Spanish-speaking readers away, fearing they got into the wrong blog. Today is the perfect occasion to open up this site to the millions of English-speaking people around the world.

So, what is this blog about? It is basically an attempt to rise awareness on issues related to responsible tourism. Sustainability is not a concept that has really caught up in Spain yet. Talking about it is a bit like walking through the desert. I have to say that things are slowing changing, I think mostly because we are imitating the trends that are coming from across the Pyrenees.

Recurrent topics  in this blog are the over construction that Spain has gone through in the last years, the negative impact of tourism in the environment and local societies and positive exampls that show the way to a more sustainable tourism.

Tourism is a global industry and therefore should be address from a global perspective, not just from a few privileged countries. Hopefully people for far away, from places like Thailand, India or Africa will be reading this and feel the share the spirit of the blog. If so, please leave a comment!

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