Sensorial Mindfulness

Designed by Eleni Kardamitsi

Time: 30’

Material: Dishes where each one has different items (cocoa, cinnamon, rice, flour, lentils, soap)

Overview: This activity connects our senses to mindfulness and creativity


  • Explore senses
  • Be creative
  • Express oneself


Step-by-step instructions


  1. The facilitator gives a dish to each of the members of the team and asks them to feel its content, smell it, see it, hear it.
  2. Then, the facilitator asks to create an image that represents how the participants are feeling at that moment. This image can be stable or changing according to the texture of the material which may bring the attention of the group to the present moment.
  3. In the end, each member presents his or her image to the group and they all reflect on the experience.

Questions for reflexion


  • How was the experience for you?
  • What did you discover from the exploration of the senses?
  • Did you connect to your material?