TC “Euro Hike” 03/09-10/09/2019 Cantabria, Spain

Dates   – 3rd September – 10th September – Cantabria, Spain

We are looking for 2 Spanish participants who would like to join our Euro Hike project in Cantrabria /Spain/ getting to know and share the methods of youth empowerment on the way.

We are going to explore how youth staff/youth workers can work with youth in outdoor mountain projects. If you like hiking and if you work with youth – this project is perfect for you.

We welcome very much participants with a car who can share this recourse with the group.

About the project

EURO-HIKE project is based on an innovative combination of sports activities for all /trekking, hiking/ and outdoor experiential practices of self-development and nature connection. The content of two empowerment hikes that will be held in Cantabria mountains /Spain/ and Madeira Island mountains will come from participants of the treks – trainers, educators, youth workers, guides – who want to explore with us the notion of MOUNTAIN HIKE as a tool for empowerment and self-development.

Why we want to run this project?

Outdoor education by hikes/treks can bring great benefits for the participants’ well-being and their empowerment. Mountain environment offers a perfect field for outdoor self-development approaches such as wilderness, nature awareness, rites of passage, eco-coaching, pilgrimage, deep ecology, nature elements, mountain therapy.

Will help to develop an innovative program for youth empowerment, so as to, face life challenges, e.g. transition and identification of the next stage of life, navigation of life changes or new responsibilities.

We want to explore great potential that lies in trekking/hiking, as ‘Reaching a top” and ‘climbing a mountain’ may be metaphorical expressions which refer to mountains a symbol of determination, the endpoint and a more or less easy to reach a goal, and they represent the idea of ‘being able to do it’ and  represent success, fulfilling a goal and moving upwards.


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