The River of Life

Designed by Sara Marzo

Time: 40’

Materials: Sheets of paper, crayons, colours, tapes, scissors, etc

Overview: This activity guides participants to reflect on their lives via the metaphor of a river


– Connect with oneself and planet Earth

– Stimulate sharing among participants

– Trace the origins of personal motivation


Step-by-step instructions

  1. The facilitator invites the group to sit in a circle and close their eyes. The facilitator leads the team to a guided meditation introducing life conceptualised as a river, with plains, waterfalls, fields of flowers, obstacles and amazing views.
  2. The facilitator then provides a sheet of paper for each participant and asks them to take a trip into nature alone. On this trip, the group should reflect on what events brought them to this moment and this project. It may be related to mindfulness, nature or any other input that the participant feels is relevant.
  3. The facilitator provides a station with colours, crayons, tape etc, and suggests the participants collect objects from nature to include in the drawing/collage which will illustrate this river of life up to the current moment. The participants are encouraged to respectfully collect natural materials, which can be used for drawing directly, or stick them onto the sheet, being mindful about the natural resources.
  4. Once they finish their river, they go back to the group and share their stories.

    Questions for reflexion:

    What story does each river tell?

    How was the experience of comparing your life with a river?

    What did you discover about the events that have brought you here today?


    This activity can be a getting-to-know-each-other and also a team-building activity. The participants can also share their drawings in small groups or in couples.