5 senses

Designed by Eleni Kardamitsi

Time: 5’

Materials: None

Overview: This activity attempts to bring moment to moment awareness through our senses


– Connect with the present moment

-Raise awareness of our senses

Step-by-step instructions


1. The facilitator invites everyone to sit calm with a straight back and try to explore their senses in the here and now.

2. Without moving or speaking, the facilitator asks the group to identify:

  • 5 things that they can see (for example, their shoes, the wall, the table, etc),
  • 4 things that they can hear,
  • 3 things that they can feel,
  • 2 things that they can smell,
  • 1 thing that they can taste (our mouth always has a flavour).

3. The facilitator reminds to the group that they can use this quick check-in any time they want to bring themselves to the present moment, in the queue, on the street, at work etc.

Questions for reflexion


How do you feel now in comparison with when you started the exercise?

Was it easy to focus on each sense?

Which was the most difficult sense for you?



This activity can be used as an energizer or a short activity to bring focus to the group before a challenging activity. Encourage the participants to use this short activity in any kind of setting