TRAINING COURSE about peace education and human rights: » NOT A SINGLE STORY» , in France


In Lodève (France, Hérault)

Contexte of the project

«CCIVS members expressed the need to strengthen the skills of their trainingteams on human rights and peace education.
A training of trainers took place in September 2018 in Turkey, with the support of the Erasmus + program and 12 partner organizations.
Following this training, some members decided to give a logical follow-up to the CCIVS approach by organizing together a European training for
youth workers to strengthen their capacities for peace education and human rights, which is the object of this project.
The partner countries in the project all see their society and especially young people who are turning to extremes, thus reducing the possibilities of
evolving in an intercultural society. If religious radicalization occupies an important place in the media, there is also a radicalization of extreme right
(Breivik in Norway, or Golden Dawn in Greece).
In a society polarized with extremist ideologies that convince some of the youth, it seems important that professionals in the youth sector can play
their role of intermediation and social cohesion.

In this sense, we would like to help them be trained in identity formation processes so that they can act on the radicalization phenomena that are
going on in their communities and societies. Through this training, we want to give tools to professionals in contact with youth to develop youth
citizenship by exploring the keys to understanding the formation of their identity (s).»

Objectives :

– explore the complexity and evolution of the formation of individual and collective identities in youth
– to understand the processes of polarization of our societies and the radicalization of young people
– build concrete tools that youth workers can use with the young people who are their target audience to build a more harmonious society
We will work on the formation of identities among young people, using in particular the theories of intersectionality, and will look for concrete tools to put in place in sending organizations.
Learning outcomes will be the most important impact and we hope that youth workers will leave with a more informed vision of radicalization processes as well as tools to give other perspectives to their target audiences than engagement in a radical movement.

The methodology, based on the reinforcement of non-formal education values, workshops, debates, will encourage an active involvement of each participant. This will allow participants to be able to develop know-how and competencies on the issues related to our consumption and highlighting its impact for the sustainability of our environment.


Who can apply : 

Youth workers and youth leaders, youth interested in :
– are eager to improve their skills and gain knowledge of the issues mentioned above (peace education, human rights etc.)
– Motivated to actively participate, and contribute with ideas to the project
– Having the possibility to make use of their newly gained knowledge, skills and competences in their work with youngsters afterwards
– being able to communicate fluently in English.


Cost :

– Travel costs can be reimbursed up to the unit costs of the Erasmus+ programs ( up to the certain limit).
– Accomodation and food are fully covered.

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