Training course “EPIC” in Macedonia


When and Where?

Macedonia 28/04/19 to 04/05/2019

What is it about?

“EPIC Youth project” involves coordinating organisation from Macedonia, and the other three partners from Spain, Portugal and Malaysia. Its main task will be to connect, educate and build the network between 4 countries in area of environmental protection and youth, but mostly focusing on achieving the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

What are the steps of the whole project?

Project is consisted out of different steps.

  1. the kick-off meeting in Macedonia ( 27-31 March) where all of the partners will meet and discuss the project development guided by an expert.
  2. Second part is the training course, Youth and Environment and equal contribution of the partners in the area of their expertise. (31/03-06/04)
  3. Study visits in Malaysia  (17-23 May) to discuss activities of World Youth Foundation while preparing for the long term EVS project.
  4. EVS Project organisation in Malaysia will host 9 volunteers from Macedonia, Spain and Portugal who will be working on ocean protection projects, community development programmes with local fishermen and projects that are involving environmental education management within 9 months.
    The Malaysian organization I will also send 3 volunteers to the partner countries where they will have a task to learn and get familiar with environmental, youth and sustainability projects in Europe.
    The idea behind the Handbook is to collect stories and researches, findings and discoveries about environmental issues in these 4 countries. The second objective is to share the model of the capacity building programme so other organisations will be able to use it in future. The last objective is to disseminate the project results, Erasmus plus programme objectives and to represent a constitutional document for the Network Establishment.



5. Evaluation meeting where all of the partners will measure the impact of the overall project outcomes and sign the Memorandum of the establishment of the EPIC YOUTH Network. (August 2020)

How I can be a part of this project?

If you are interested in taking part of this huge project, participating in the organisation of EVS and exchanges between countries.

We are looking for participants for step 1 and 2 (Kick off meeting + training course ).

How much ?

Erasmus+ is covering travel costs, accomodation, food and activities during the project.



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