Training course in France «BLOSSOM»


Supporting young people in their learning process and socio-professional journey




In South-west of France (Gaillac) 13th to 20th of March 2019. 

Who is concern by the project?

You will meet other participants from 6 countries (France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Hungary and Slovakia) .

What is it about?

You will have the oportunity to share your experiences and exchange approaches, methods and tools to better support young and vulnerable groups in the trainings and/or learning mobility projects their organization …

You will participate to activities such as:

  • discussions about your specific situations and define the key concepts you will address during the seminar.
  • presentation of to three major tools and methods to efficiently support the beneficiaries of your action (mobility and non-formal education projects – in their learning path and socio-professional journey).
  • workshop in teams to design a methodology to support Young People with fewer opportunities (migrants, disabled people, people from ethnic minorities…).

How much does it cost?

THE PROGRAM is 100% covered by ERASMUS+

Who can apply?

  • no age limit (participants have to be more than 18 years old).
  • be interested and available for the period of the project.
  • if you want to acquire new skills in the fields of: learning mobility project’s design, active pedagogies, group facilitation and mentoring, in
    order to develop the projects they are running and to better support people in their learning path; o believe in experience sharing and are interested in European networking.
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