Training course in Latvia : Story Within

– Latvia, Kazdanga, from September 9th to 18th 2019-

It will gather 28 youth workers and 3 trainers from Latvia, Portugal, Italy, Greece, North Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Hungary, Iceland, Croatia, Czech Republic and Austria.

This unique program has been designed with three main objectives:
– to explore new approaches in coaching, mentoring and training within youth field by introducing the participants with creative writing and storytelling methods;
– to help youth workers recognise the symptoms of burnout syndrome and learn how to prevent it;

– to offer members of vulnerable groups and communities tools of storytelling and creative writing to express themselves and their identity to the outside world in a way that raises understanding, solidarity and respect.

The programme has five main thematic blocks: getting to know each other and creating a free and supportive space for participants keeping in mind the sensitive topic; creativity and its therapeutic value; storytelling; embodied writing; networking and developing action plans for further work.


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