Training course «International Green Entrepreneurship Ideas Challenge», Turkey

Training course in BALIKKESİR, Turkey
2-11 May 2019

About Project
«EU’s “2020 Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth” Strategy supports green growth, by means that, supporting innovative business models that can increase welfare without destroying the nature.
As Global Enviromental Organization, the main objective of our International Green Entrepreneurship Ideas Challenge Project is; dissemination of green entrepreneurship, among young people, to improve youngs’ knowledge and skills on green entrepreneurship and innovation, and to create an
ecosystem which youngs can put their green venture ideas into practise. An an output of the project, Online Green Entrepreneurship and Innovation Platform will be established.

This platform will work as a network and be a center of consultancy, training and business development activities that will bring together volunteers, external independet experts, NGO workers, investors, academicians and candidate entrepreneurs at an online platform regularly. Platform member individuals/ institutions will sustain the activities such as; think tank wokshops, joint study, seminars, trainings and consultancy
services. Thus, our country’s transtiton to innovation focused economy will be ensured by supporting the increase of value- added green ventures. Moreover, we are aiming to lay the foundation of green entrepreneurship ecosystem via this platform which is nonesuch in Turkey. From this aspect, this project will offer a new alternative model to young unemployment problem by promoting innovative green entrepreneurship.»


Can I apply ?

18-30 Ages + 2 group leader (No limited Age)
Environmentalist profil


How much ?

Membership from Viaje a la sostenibilidad : 45€

Erasmus+ is covering others costs of the project such as accomodation, food, travel cost.

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