Training course : Migration highways in France

Training Course, 27/08/2019-03/09/2019 France


What is it about?

It is a training course that aims to support the professional development of youth workers and to raise the quality of their projects
concerning Migration and Mobility projects

What are the objectives?

-Development of a more tolerant, inclusive and egalitarian society; Support the reflection among participants on the different dimensions of migration and mobility; Exchange of good practice in the field of youth related to international migration, mobility and its influence on young people in the EU and in the partner countries and the opportunities arising; training of youth workers to better address problems and opportunities arising from migration, together with the local youth and migrants; transfer and development of knowledge of European mobility programs in youth worker;
promotion of European cooperation between NGOs that are in contact with migration and youth mobility; the development of new initiatives in the field of youth and mobility within Erasmus +, to give migrants and local youth the same opportunities.

With Who?

You will have the opportunity to meet people from different countries : Romania, Portugal, Poland, England, France, Cezch Republik, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Italy.

How much ? Erasmus+ mostly covering  the project. There is 30€ fees.

Open for + 18 up to 30 years old 

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