Training course on “Preventing Youth from the Radicalization” , Jordan

7th – 13th April, 2019

Amman, Jordan

What is it about?

” The Training course will be hosted by URIMENA and implemented by its affiliate Desert Bloom Organization in Amman. URI MENA is a regional
nework that has long experience in interfaith dialogue and runs peacebuilding projects all over the Middle East and North Africa. Jordan is a peaceful Islamic country and a role model for peaceful coexistence of religions. We are planning to involve youth workers, that are working with Youth,
refugees, migrants and other vulnerable groups in this training”.

What are the objectives ? 

To reflect on key concepts including radicalisation, hate speech, community resilience, Nonviolent communication and interfaith harmony.
 To highlight the role of religions in preventing violent extremism and youth radicalization.
 To learn how to help young people develop the resilience to resist extremist narratives and acquire the social-emotional skills needed to engage constructively in society.
 To address why young people are drawn to to violent extremism, delinquent and selfdestructive behavior, tackling socio-economic, psychological and institutional drivers of violent radicalisation (Push & Pull factors).
 To address social media validation, negative stereotypes, prejudice and polarization in order to build more inclusive and peaceful societies.
 To promote global citizenship values as a strategy to prevent youth radicalization and terrorism engagement.
 To promote tolerance and diversity towards other religions within local and international voluntary and youth projects
 To experience interfaith harmony and cohesion by involving participants from different religious backgrounds in the training course

 To provide youth organisations with models and strategies that can be adopted to prevent youth radicalization within their existing projects
 To exchange ideas and get inspired by Europe and MEDA best practices in filed of preventing youth radicalization.

With Who?

You will have the opportunity to meet people from different countries.

How much ?

  • Erasmus+ is covering the project, 50€ will be ask by the organisator in Jordan to participate in the project .
  • Membership


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