Training Course, «Re-NEWed spaces», Italy

17-24 October 2019, Maiori, Amalfi Coast

Youth reshaping their cities and their future

Re-NEWed Spaces is a training course that involves 30 youth workers and youth leaders from 10 European countries (Italy, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Spain, Estonia, Germany, Croatia, North Macedonia) taking place in the Amalfi Coast region in Italy. The project focuses on the designing of concrete methods of the involvement and engagement of young people in the development of their town and city, promoting the recovering of abandoned public space and how to enable young people to benefit from this resource by developing projects/activities and become active within their city or community. The project eventually also aims to promote self-entrepreneurship and social inclusion among local youth.

Aims of the training:

1. Enable a group of youth workers and youth leaders from different European countries to exchange experiences and best practice examples, and to develop their skills in the engagement of young people in the development of their
communities and cities.

2. Develop new tracks for involving and engaging young people in social entrepreneurship in favour of their
communities and thus enabling them to shape their own future.

3. Develop together innovative methods of educating young people in citizenship and in social entrepreneurship and
to engage them for the development of their communities, where these tools can be used for further dissemination
and availability for implementation.

Participants: 20 youth workers+ young leaders (2 per country)
Age: 18+

Travel costs: Are covered up to a maximum of 275 Eur/person.
Accommodation: Accommodation and food expenses will be 100% covered.


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