Volunteering «START ESC» in Romania

01.06.2019 – 30.09.2019 in Romania (New dates)

The first volunteering service of the Start ESC project will take place for 4 months with the participation of 6 volunteers from 3 European countries (1.04.2019 – 31.07.2019). The implementation of the service will take place in Romania, Drăgășani municipality and its suroundings in the community where APDD operates. All activities of the project are based on and promote solidarity.

The calendar of activities will include:

• Preparing activities for the ESC volunteers at the beginning and during the service;

• Activities of familiarizing and accommodating the volunteers;

• Activities of adapting to the local community and intercultural knowledge;

• Organizing and carrying out at least 2 times / week:

Workshops on the main themes of the project: Promoting volunteering, employability, entrepreneurship, inclusion with local partners (eg schools, colleges, faculties, libraries).

Activities duration : will be within 35 hours / week. The volunteers will receive Youthpass certificates at the end of their European Solidarity Corps service issued by the APDD (host organization). In their activities, the ESC participants will interact with various social categories mainly young people in order to meet their needs for social inclusion, inclusion on the labor market as well as on learning (pupils, students), children (including kindergartens stimulating their orientation towards study and future career), as well as decision-makers (public institutions, mayors, schools, high schools) both in urban and rural areas.  


 Age: from 18 to 30 years old (at the entrance to the project);

 Citizen or resident of the sending country (Italy, Spain or Portugal);

 Skills: empathy, motivation;

 Interest, competencies and / or passion in entrepreneurship or social inclusion and in working with young people;

 Knowledge of English Language.

How much ? Erasmus+ is covering 100% of the project.

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