Youth exchange, «Grow but Green», Italy

Ideas for youth, sustainable and ecologic enterprises

31/08/19 – 8/09/19

The project will be joined by youngsters from Italy, Ukraine, Serbia and Spain. Each national group will be composed of 6 people, for a total of 24 people joining Grow but Green. The Youth Exchange is open to participants from 21 to 30 years old. Some exceptions could be made for people from 18 to 21 years old, but they have to be discussed with the sending organization.

The program of GBG will include several activities, distributed throughout the nine days of the Exchange:

• Ice-breaking games and energizers at the beginning of each session (morning and afternoon), meant to stimulate group cohesiveness, especially during the first days;
• Exchange of ideas and good practices alongside participative discussions on sustainability (what it means, how it works, how it can be translated into
reality, etc.);
• Short walks in the surrounding environment to show its beauty;
• Screenings of documentaries about sustainability;
• If feasible, a “sustainable treasure hunt” in the hostel;
• Interviews with young entrepreneurs from the Lecco area owning/working in sustainable businesses;
• Last but not least, the development of a business plan for a sustainable enterprise.


Erasmus+ is covering others costs of the project such as accomodation, food, travel cost.


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