Youth exchange “Make it local” , in Italy

Praiano, Amalfi Coast, Italy, 

5/04/2019 -15/04/2019 

What is it about?

The aim is to draw attention to the importance of the local products for health, local society, economy, sustainability and biodiversity. For 9 days, surrounded by beautiful landscapes of the Amalfi coast, you will explore the role of the local product in the context of self-entrepreneurship and reflect on how the rules of consumption, production and therefore lifestyle have changed over the years.

Every day you will be participating in workshop, during which other participants will learn to prepare some traditional products, get to know its history and the role it plays in the public awareness, and thus will acquire new capabilities and competences in an environment of intercultural exchange. Through workshops and presentations prepared by the participants, trips to local production places and discussions about chances and strengths, discover also entrepreneurial activities. You will also work on creation of media communication material.

What are the objectives ?

  • raise awareness in the participants about the relevance and potential of local economy and learn about local products from each other
  • build-up the concept of sustainability in the context of local economy among the participants learning from others’ experiences and looking at local examples as well
  • promote and raise awareness about entrepreneurship
  • create the opportunity to get in touch with different cultures and traditions, being able to share their experience and visions
  • foster interculturalism and friendship through creating products together

With Who?

You will have the opportunity to meet people from different countries : : Italy, Romania, Spain, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus.

How much ? Erasmus+ is covering 100% of the project.

Open for 18-23 years old.

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