Training course «Precious Plastic», Portugal

Messejana, Porugal, 21-30th  of March 2019

Where it takes place?

Centro d´Artes in Aljustrel, Buinho Fablab in Messejana (Portugal)

What is it about?

The “Precious Plastic” is a call for action, stimulating young people to act upon some of their fundamental environmental rights that are currently threatened. It is inspired by the Precious Plastic initiative, which enables the creation of low cost, DIY, community-based recycling units. Recycling units that are not only capable of collecting and separating plastic waste, but also to transform the recycled plastic into multiple and new design products. A space that connects social awareness to creativity (design of new products) and digital skills (digital manufacturing). A workshop is above all a neighborhood recycling factory, a space to gather a community, share a purpose, develop new ideas and contribute for a better world.

What are the objectives ? 

Capacitating youth workers and partner organization to successfully implement and develop educational contents in the field of circular economy, as well as develop competencies in the area of digital youth work

  • Promotion of active citizenship and development of a sense of initiatives – the reduction of plastic waste;
  • to have a unique learning opportunity, promoting multicultural exchange to provide a more rich experience;
  • Promote capacity building in partner organizations and youth workers in the development of innovative programs in circular economy, acquisition of digital skills, and in being able to engage youth communities to act upon fundamental rights as the right to a clean, safe and sustainable living environment;
  • Disseminate innovative practices and provide quality contents in the field of digital youth work;

With Who?

You will have the opportunity to meet people from different countries :  Portugal, Greece, Hungary, France, Italy, Turkey

How much ?

Erasmus+ is covering travel costs, accomodation, food and activities during the project.

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