Youth exchange «WIFI» in France

«WIFI» : Why Internet is Freaking Important
10/04/2019  – 19/04/2019


In our modern civilization, we can hardly do without internet. Whether for work or personal life, it’s a powerful tool that offers an incredible number of possibilities. Situations of misinformation are proliferating, especially through social networks.
How to reduce, when using the Internet may seem excessive, the spread of fake news and the misinformation without restricting freedom of expression?

This project will deal with Internet and new technologies. To know where to find the right information and to know the good behavior on Internet.

What are the aims of the project ?
 Problematics of the access of the Internet in the Third world
 Raise the participants awareness on the use of the Internet
 Fight against hate speech on social medias
 Strengthen the values of tolerance and mutual comprehension

With Who?

It’s organized by Corcordia, a French NGO.

You wil get the opportunity to meet people from different countries: France, Estonia, Portugal.

How much ?

You will have only a participation of 25€ and  Erasmus+ is covering the project.

Can I apply ?

If you are between 18 and 30.


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