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Youth Exchange «You ART ME», Utebo, Zaragoza, España – Viaje a la Sostenibilidad

Youth Exchange «You ART ME», Utebo, Zaragoza, España


You ART Me

12.07.2022 – 21.07.2022 in Utebo, Zaragoza, Spain

We are looking for one artist per country!

One from Slovenia, one from Italy, one from Germany, one from Greece and one from Spain!

Apply now


The project is based on a youth exchange where we learn to work, collaborate, meet and live with different cultures through art.

This project will be carried out in Utebo, municipality of Zaragoza, where together we will design and paint different large panels for the commuter passage.

In addition, the group of leaders will also carry out the painting of the wall of the Orús Museum.



We are looking for one leader (18+) per country. They must send a brief portfolio of their works. On the other hand, a leader must have a series of characteristics that are:

  • Have knowledge about art and mural painting.
  • Have artistic qualities and be able to demonstrate them.
  • Have teamwork and leadership skills.
  • Be an active person and willing to work.



The main objectives of the exchange are:

  • Promote diversity and tolerance, fostering intercultural dialogue.
  • Empower and guarantee the autonomy of young people.
  • Promote European values, respect for human rights and solidarity to build inclusive societies.
  • Strengthen the role of young people as active actors in society.
  • Use art as a transformative tool to change current narratives and promote inclusion.
  • Strengthen the language skills of the participants.



Expected impacts on participants:

  • Increased understanding by participants of the importance of intercultural dialogue and EU values.
  • Participants will have the opportunity to play an active role in their communities.
  • Improvement of self-esteem and the feeling of belonging and inclusion in society.
  • Reduction of stereotypes and prejudices in terms of culture.
  • Greater motivation to carry out more social inclusion initiatives within their own community.
  • Increase intercultural and professional skills, linked to art, artistic knowledge about painting and mural design.
  • Increased civic engagement and citizen participation at local and European level.


Erasmus+ covers project expenses such as accommodation, food and travel.

If you are interested, don’t hesitate to apply for this opportunity.

We are waiting for you!

Apply now


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